Friend Zone Gaming

Hello there!

Friend Zone Gaming is a place to come meet new people while playing your favorite games. Need a friend to play that multiplayer game. Perhaps you might want to squad up or put a crew together for a online raid! This is the place to do so all while making meaningful friendships!

More About Friend Zone Gaming

Friend Zone Gaming will set up in person meetups as well for all participants over the age of 21. This is also a fantastic forum to ask questions and develop strategies. So lets Play! Join our Discord and get yourself acquainted with the group.

How do you have fun? This is how we do it!

Keeping up with the Friend Zone

About The Host

Hi, I’m Michael Soto. Previously a rescue electrician for the USAF, I became a full-time Realtor and events coordinator in 2014. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful kid and wife, I love bringing our community together to enjoy each other’s company! Read more

Let’s hang out

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