Volleyball Fun


Lets play some volleyball in the winter! lets get the blood flowing with a friendly game at children’s memorial park. With great energy the weather will feel like summer once that blood gets flowing.
{The Venue}
If you haven’t already been to it its a big & variable park you got kickball fields great kid playgrounds & has a roller blading section
{Dress Code}

  1. sweats
  2. sweaters
  3. tennis shoes

{The Plan}
Meet at the volleyball section by the basketball courts, stretch set up teams & go over rules & basics of volleyball. Play for about 3-5 games talk about the game & meet new friends


  1. Make new Friends
  2. play volleyball
  3. enjoy a saturday
  4. Have Fun


  1. Kid friendly!
  2. Name tags will be provided for all members and must be worn during the event.
  3. Photos and video will be taken at the event for advertising and enjoyment. You WILL be photographed!
  4. You agree with all our terms & conditions by attending or RSVP’ing to this event.

If you have any questions comments or concerns make sure to call/txt
Robert Robles, Friend Zone Host, at (323)-210-9126

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