Kebab Karaoke With Friends!

Thursday 9/8/22 at 4:00 P. M.


TRIPLE MEETUP. We are collaborating with 2 fantastic groups to have the best night possible!

{The Venue}
Medina Mediterranean Kitchen and Lounge is a brand new venue with great atmosphere. Come by, grab a kabob, a cheap drink, and a new friend!

{The Plan}
We will arrive at the venue at 8’oclock to make friends, and take advantage of the happy hour prices on drinks. We will be there until midnight when they close. This is a 21+ event.


  1. Consumption of nicotine & Smoke will be in the air
  2. Not kid friendly! 21+!
  3. Must tip your servers! 15% or more
  4. Must make a purchase at the venue.
  5. Name tags will be provided for all members and must be worn during the event.
  6. Pay as you go & ask for separate checks. (Tabs can be hard to track for the waiters and bartenders)
  7. Photos and video will be taken at the event for advertising and enjoyment. You WILL be photographed!
  8. You agree with all our terms & conditions by attending or RSVP’ing to this event.

{How to Find Us}
Your host and co-organizers will be in red Friend Zone Polos inside the lounge. Ask a bartender for help if you cant find us. You can’t miss us! If you have any questions comments or concerns make sure to call/txt Michael Soto at 702-622-9359 or James Capps at 541-870-0567.

If you have any questions comments or concerns make sure to call/txt
Michael Soto, Owner operator of the Friend Zone Meetups, at 702-622-9359 or James Capps, Co-organizer at 541-870-0567
Meet up Tools:
Meetup App
You Tube Channel

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