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The Friend Zone creates an environment for making long lasting friendships while participating in local Las Vegas activities. Our activities are typically groomed to promote conversation with others wile keeping us entertained.

We are making long lasting friendships while participating in local Las Vegas activities. At events you will always be greeted by a Friend Zone Friend in a bright red Friend Zone polo. Our Friend Zone Host and staff are super friendly and are here to make new friends just like you! 

We are bringing many families together to create community. Kids and parents alike in a environment built for making new and strong relationships. At events, kids get to play and parents get to socialize but the possibilities for fun are endless!

Friend Zone gaming is a digital environment to make new friends while playing or streaming your favorite games. Find a teammate or watch our streams! Get involved with the culture of gaming by joining the Friend Zone!

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Volleyball Fun

Details Lets play some volleyball in the winter! lets get the blood flowing with a friendly game at children’s memorial park. With great energy the weather will feel like summer once that blood gets flowing.{The Venue}If you haven’t already been to it its a big & variable park you got kickball fields great kid playgroundsContinue reading “Volleyball Fun”

“We were randomly at Ellis island the same night the Friend Zone peeps came through. Told us all about the group and made my husband and I with our group of friends feel like we were partying with them! Super fun people and I can’t wait to see where y’all go next! Imma be there!! Lol 🖤🖤🖤

Flame Torres

Let’s make some new Friends!

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